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Who We Are

Meet and greet Dan and Ron!


Daniel Merly - Partner and President

My name is Daniel Merly, AKA Mr. Stealyoweights! Fitness and exercising is my true passion. I first picked up a weight when I was a freshman in high school. That first day took me on a journey that has spanned over 14 years. During those 14 years, I have competed in five bodybuilding competitions. November of 2019, I took first place in the lightweight open bodybuilding class! And in 2021, I coached myself into a show. My message to all of you is to never stop believing in yourself and remember that YOU have the power to change yourselves. It took me three bodybuilding shows before I finally finished first in my class. Although tempting, quitting was never an option. After my lowest of lows, I dug deep and decided to give bodybuilding, fitness, and exercising my all.

This mindset shift made me redirect my efforts. In doing so, I invested my time and energy into perfecting my form and my overall knowledge of the sport. I understand that there is a lot of information on health and fitness. I know there are also myths and fads that go along with the topic, too. My overall goal is to guide each and everyone of you, to the best and most up to date information on not only the sport I love, but fitness in general. I know that my business partner and great friend, Ron, has the same goal. I believe that everyone is capable of growth, bettering themselves, and having a positive impact within their own community! Aside from my passion for health and fitness, I also work as a full-time engineering consultant.


Ron Grzechowiak - Partner and CEO

My name is Ron Grzechowiak and I have resided in South Jersey all my life.  I carry the nickname of “Grez” (the “Z” and the “E” flipped in the last name) due to my passion for baseball growing up (Carl Yastrzemski from the Boston Red Sox was nicknamed “Yaz”).  On my 15th birthday, I received the gift of a 100-pound weight set from my Godparents…I never looked back. 


At the age of 17, I was inspired to get serious about weight training.  Being that I got started in the 80’s and 90’s, there were many good old-fashioned hard-core gyms in the area to take advantage of.  I have not stopped since then. 


33 years later, I decided to finally step on stage at the age of 50 because it was “on my bucket list”.  I competed in three different classes, with one being the “Masters 40 and Older” and humbly took a first-place medal home with me.  What was more of the “win” for me was the incredible overall experience I enjoyed.  I learned a LOT about my body, it’s limits, what I can and can’t do and much more.  Just as important was learning about the incredible comradery surrounding the competition scene.  This alone was so inspiring, watching those that are going to share the same stage push each other to the limits.  What was just “something on the bucket list” has now become a passion.


Still today, you can find me at a gym with the good old fashioned “old school rag top” enjoying every second that I’m in there. As people have their “person”, I have also my “place”!   One of my life-long goals? To be in the gym on my 100th birthday pumping iron… God willing!!  I can say with confidence that the bodybuilding lifestyle has been a huge part of making my life not only complete, but also healthy!


I work as a full-time emergency manager and just recently sold a previous business so I can focus on The Training Tank.  My philosophy in life is that everyone has something different to bring to the table… whether it be a resource, a talent, or knowledge… and when we maximize each other’s potential, the sky is the limit!

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